Lambton College students use national spotlight to showcase new Zambian peanut butter production fac

A group of Lambton College students recently took a bite out of national competition by announcing the operation of its first peanut butter production facility in partnership with Zambian farmers. The full-scale operation, located in the town of Monze in southern Zambia, is currently producing 250 jars of peanut butter a week, employing a total of 36 farmers and food service workers to grow the peanuts and manufacture what they've called Hippy Peanut Butter. While the facility has been operational since February, Enactus Lambton waited until this month to make the announcement at the Enactus Canada National Exposition held in Vancouver. “It was fun to do it on the national scene and people w

Lambton College Named Entrepreneurship National Champion

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (May 10, 2017): Students from Lambton College are working with local Zambians to increase their crop yields by educating them on no-till farming techniques, while simultaneously empowering them to train fellow farmers. They also built a peanut butter production facility to move Zambian farmers up the value chain and reduce malnutrition in the region. Enactus Lambton College has been named the 2017 TD Entrepreneurship Challenge National Champion by this country’s largest student leadership development organization, Enactus Canada, and proud supporter TD Bank Group. The national competition took place at the 2017 Enactus Canada National Exposition in Vancouver. This

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