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Enactus Lambton has developed a project called One Future to teach youth essential entrepreneurship skills. Our team developed a series of in-person sessions that a group of Enactus Lambton students delivers to youth in elementary and high schools across the Sarnia-Lambton area and throughout 16 First Nations communities in Ontario, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.


The information is presented to students in a way that allows them to be engaged and share their opinions with their classmates, helping to develop their leadership skills. Frequent classroom discussions are facilitated to solidify the students’ understanding, and also to encourage them to be comfortable and confident in presentation environments. Students learn first-hand about entrepreneurship as they are guided through the process of starting their own small businesses. Many of these students have created businesses to sell their handmade artwork.


With One Future, we provide students with an essential foundation of entrepreneurship and leadership skills. These skills give them the knowledge and confidence to succeed in school, life, and business as we help to further guide them down the path of marketing and business development.

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