Team from Lambton College making a world of difference

In rural Zambia where farmers struggle to provide for their families, a team from Lambton College is spearheading a new venture to make peanut butter. That’s right. Hippy Peanut Butter comes in jars sporting a smiling purple hippopotamus, and it’s making a difference after just four months. “The climate is good to grow peanuts,” explains 21-year-old Megan Rizzo, one of nine students with the award-winning team, which has taught Zambian farmers how to sort their peanut crop, shell the nuts, roast and skin them, then mash them up into peanut butter. Students Megan Rizzo, left, and Courtney Neilson hold some of the trophies won by Lambton College’s Enactus team with Jon Milos, entrepreneurship

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Andrea Dyck


Megan Rizzo

Operations Coordinator