Enactus seeks to create solutions to economic, social and environmental issues through outreach projects and business ventures in order to bring about sustainable change in our community.

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together student leaders to create a better, more sustainable world through the
positive power of business.

Enactus operates in 36 countries with the involvement of 1700 college and university campuses. Students form teams on their campuses and apply business concepts to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.


Annual national competitions provide a forum for these teams to present the results of their projects, and to be evaluated by business leaders. By contributing their talents to projects that better the lives of people worldwide, Enactus participants demonstrate that individuals with a knowledge and passion for business can be a powerful force for change.



Enactus Lambton recognizes that entrepreneurs fuel the economic growth of our communities and represent an essential source of job creation. Our dedicated team of students works diligently to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality and established entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. From opportunity spotting to profit improvement, Enactus Lambton is helping build a stronger local economy, one business at a time.


Enactus Lambton is dedicated to providing training, program support and the necessary resources to support financial literacy in our community. We strive to empower individuals to make more informed decisions about their money and instill confidence in their ability to manage their personal finances. By building these skills in our community, we hope to transition individuals from situations of dependence to independence.


Enactus Lambton is dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals in our community by inspiring individuals in need and equipping them with the skills and resources required to reach their career, education and employment goals. Through initiatives aimed at reducing poverty and promoting social equity, we are improving the quality of life of the individuals and families that we impact and we are providing them with opportunities for success.


The continuing success and growth of our communities is also dependent on the preservation and sustainability of our ecosystems and environmental services. Enactus Lambton recognizes that our natural resources are not unlimited and that it is up to us to protect the world in which we live. This pillar supports initiatives that contribute to healthy soils, wise energy use, and clean air and water, thereby protecting and enhancing our planet for future generations.



Over the next 20 years, an aging population will create a shrinking work force as more and more workers exit the workforce.  Our Youth can provide the solution but only if we can effectively transfer the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for the future. These newfound skills and knowledge should create future leaders and corporate innovators that will help to stabilize economic growth resulting from an exiting workforce.

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Andrea Dyck



Megan Rizzo

Operations Coordinator