Strength in Numbers
Project Inception: Sept. 2012
Location: Lambton County

The objective of our Strength in Numbers program is to educate and empower people to make more informed decisions about their money and instil confidence in their ability to manage their personal finances.

The first group of people we identified in need of our program was the Women’s Interval Home of Sarnia. Their mission is to interrupt the cyclical pattern of violence in present and future generations of women. The number one reason women stay with or return to abusive partners is financial dependency. Strength in Numbers is specifically designed to help the women regain their self-esteem and to empower them to take control of their lives.

Financial independence allows these women to seek employment, further their education, save for home ownership, and for other opportunities that improve their lives and the livThe key areas of focus are financial management and goal-setting, budgeting and expense tracking, credit and debt management, price awareness, and home ownership. Open discussion is encouraged throughout the sessions to ensure an interactive environment where women can share their own struggles and triumphs with money.

Upon hearing about the success of our program, we were approached by Ontario Works to include other vulnerable individuals and families in need. What makes our program so unique is that each session is led by a student who has walked in the shoes of our participants.

Utilizing a train the trainer approach, program facilitators have experience working with the organizations we provide Strength In Numbers to. This ensures participants from these organizations feel comfortable and confident with program facilitators.

Strength In Numbers creates confidence in participants. This confidence leads to participants gaining full-time employment, or even empowering participants to return to school.

Strength In Numbers has been so successful that we are currently in the process of developing a Strength In Numbers online platform. We plan to roll out the online platform by the end of this year.

In a one on one Strength In Numbers workshop our trainers go through a very comprehensive process to ensure each individual participant has been given the knowledge and tools to achieve financial independence and the confidence to manage their own personal finances.

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Andrea Dyck


Megan Rizzo

Operations Coordinator