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Enactus Lambton crowned world champions

After six years, 25 trips to Zambia, 395 students, thousands of kilometres, hundreds of presentations, and hours of hard work and dedication, Enactus Lambton is number one.

Lambton Team Canada. The best in the world.

This innovative student group, which formed in early 2012, is celebrating victory after being crowned World Champions at the 2018 Enactus World Cup, which took place in San Jose, California this week.

The Lambton College team competed with 30 other international college and university teams before the finals where they faced Egypt, India, and Morocco. They’re the first Canadian College to ever take home the top prize.

The three-day event welcomed more than 3,400 delegates including the world’s brightest university and college students, academic professionals, and business leaders as they showcased their community outreach projects and business ventures through rounds of live competition.

The Enactus Lambton team wowed the judges, and their competition, with their transformative work which has changed lives through projects such as One Seed, Hippy Peanut Butter, Cube Zambia, and Strength in Numbers.

Since the group’s inception, Enactus Lambton has managed to accomplish some amazing results in Sarnia-Lambton as well as 13,000 km away in the rural villages of Zambia, where their story of compassion, dedication, and humanity began.

“I am extremely proud of the students and faculty advisors involved with Enactus Lambton” says Judith Morris, President & CEO, Lambton College. “These young leaders are truly driving global change through innovation, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to building stronger communities around the globe. To win the Enactus World Cup, defeating other colleges and universities from all over the world, and to become the first Canadian college to ever take home this prize, is truly an exceptional honour.”

For more information on Enactus Lambton and the success and social impact of the projects they have launched, go to

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