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Lambton College Represented At National Competition

Lambton College is competing at the Enactus Canada National Exposition this week.

The Enactus Lambton team claimed a series of titles at the 2018 regional exposition in Mississauga this past March.

College President Judith Morris says they took the top spot in two matchups and were awarded first runner-up in the other two.

“So, we’re going in with two wins, one in entrepreneurship and one in financial literacy and that allows you to then compete in the bigger competition, which means you can get to the national stage,” says Morris. “In the regional championships we have won five out of the six years and we’ve only been in the competition for six years, so, we’ve done extremely well.”

Morris says most of the praise came from their work transforming rural villages in Zambia.

“The biggest project is the one seed project where we have enhanced the yield of corn by six times for the farmers and, as we often say, it has really created a middle class in Zambia,” she says.

Farmers were trained to grow corn without disturbing the soil through tillage.

Now, Morris says Enactus Lambton has helped Zambian farmers expand a peanut butter factory by using the same techniques to grow peanuts.

“That’s what a project should be. You shouldn’t be going into foreign countries and saying, A, we know it all and B, here’s a project and then leave. You should be in there for the long haul until that project is sustainable,” she says.

The national exhibition takes place May 14-16 in Toronto.

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